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VentureWorks by Harvard Ventures is the first undergraduate tech accelerator at Harvard College. Powered by a world-class team of entrepreneurs, mentors, and hackers, VentureWorks helps Harvard student-entrepreneurs create new products that matter.  


AirSpace provides users with offers, deals and relevant information based on their location and current interests. Vendors, in turn, get to send information to a nearby, interested audience. We create a mutually-beneficial pipeline of information from vendor to client.

Jordan Hayashi (jordan@airspaceapp.io)
Jackson Okuhn (jpokuhn@airspaceapp.io)
Emily Lovett (emily@airspaceapp.io)
Alex Pong (pong@airspaceapp.io)

Doorbell transforms your building into a community by reimagining property management software for residents. We’re creating the only mobile-first resident portal for the 28 million households in multifamily buildings in the US.

Benjamin Pleat (bpleat@college.harvard.edu)
Aleeza Hashmi (ahashmi@college.harvard.edu)
Steven Petteruti (spetteruti@college.harvard.edu)

Nomobo is a replacement for that friend of yours who's always had brilliant ideas of things to do and great planning skills. Just tell Nomobo how much free time you have and it will come up with suggestions of where to go, what to do, and even match you up with people who are also free at the moment if you want to hang out with friends. It’s tailored to YOU - your interests, your location, and your time! Just tap away through the suggestions to find the perfect thing to do and Nomobo will plan everything out for you. 

Milly Wang (keqimillywang@college.harvard.edu)
Fanney Zhu (fanneyzhu@college.harvard.edu)

Outdoor Pass
For our members, Outdoor Pass is a seamless experience to book outdoor experiences with friends. We provide access and recommendations to the top outdoor activities: running, fishing, biking, camping, hiking, and skiing, with a strong social/community element.

Jean Luo (jluo@mba2017.hbs.edu)

Sapling Foods
Sapling Foods is a healthy food startup that creates highly nutritious foods using sustainable ingredients. All products are organic, vegan, plant-based, non-GMO, and free of gluten, dairy, wheat, and artificial additives. Its first product will be a healthy fruit jelly snack made of agar (a gelatin-free, algae-derived superfood) and fruit juice. Organic, vegan, exceptionally high-fiber, low-calorie, and free of added sugar, it is the perfect healthy plant-based alternative to Jell-O, “America’s Most Famous Dessert” (which contains gelatin – collagen extracted from animals such as cows or pigs). With agar’s zero-calorie, zero-fat, zero-sodium, low carbohydrate, and zero-sugar nutrition profile, this fruit jelly can provide the perfect guilt-free snack (even for those pursuing weight-loss) to satisfy a sweet tooth or junk food craving. Additionally, as agar is plant-based and derived from algae (one of the most sustainable foods on the planet), it is an eco-friendly source of fiber whose production does not require the use of animals. 

Claire Spackman (clairespackman@college.harvard.edu)

We sell a protein drink called called Sip15. It has 15 grams of protein (hence the name) and only 76 calories. It's soy-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free and unlike most other protein drinks, it comes in refreshing tropical flavors like orange, pomegranate, and grape! Sip15 uses an innovative protein source called hydrolyzed collagen, which comes from bovine fibrous tissue. As a result, Sip15 avoids the normal chalky taste of milk-based protein drinks and easily mixes with water. All you need to do is rip, pour and sip! Sip15 is portable and hydrating. Plus, you don't need a blender or shaker cup! Sip15 is perfect for after a run or a lift, as it uses fast-acting protein, but is also great as a meal replacement or supplement for anyone trying to reach a higher daily protein intake.

Arjun Byju (arjunbyju@college.harvard.edu)

The Trignis barbecue smoker and grill was designed by Harvard engineers with one goal in mind: Make better BBQ. Our automated fan system pairs with our mobile app, actively monitoring and controlling smoke and temperature within the smoker through scientific algorithms to eliminate guesswork. The patent-pending hyperboloid shape of the Trignis BBQ smoker and grill produces even heat, juicer food, and improved smoky flavor. Our smoker enables anyone to consistently and intuitively smoke superior barbecue, which allows the user to spend less time stressing over their BBQ and more time entertaining family and friends.

Jordan Degraaf (jordandegraaf@college.harvard.edu)
James Martter (jmartter@college.harvard.edu)
Matt Perry (mperry01@college.harvard.edu)

Welcome Home
Spend less on rent, more on life. Welcome Home rents simple, sociable housing to young, single middle-income people. As a result, we counteract the urban divide caused by exorbitant rent. By doubling rooms using soundproof partitions that do not damage the room, we charge 30% below market rent. By admitting those who pass reference and background checks, renters live with clean, cooperative people. Welcome to a home where renters save more and make friends.

Daniel Wu (dwu@jd17.law.harvard.edu)


Come see our teams in action on April 30, 2016 at the second Intercollegiate Pitch-Off event hosted at Harvard! Our teams, along with teams from UPenn, Columbia, Princeton, Brown, and Northeastern, will be pitching to a panel of preeminent VCs.

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